"The Emerald Isle Experience"


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    Aran Islander

    Blasket Islanders-Kerry

    Bringing Home The Cows

    Calm Waters

    Cleaning the Cart

    Conversation on the Road

    Farmer&Dog Cloghane Co

    Farrier-Kildare Ireland

    Feeding the Chickens

    Feeding the Cottage Birds


    Hitching a Ride

    In the Barn

    In the Village

    It Seems So Long Ago

    Kathleen's Shop

    Kerry Farmer

    Lady&Dog in Wheatfield

    Oat Field

    Ploughing the Field Ireland

    Resting the Dogs

    Riding on the Beach

    Road Bowling Ireland

    Road Dancing

    Shearing Sheep

    Showing the Horses

    Sorting Seed Potatoes

    Stitching Pampooties

    Taking a Break

    The Catch

    The Pub

    The Ride Home

    The Stonecutter

    The Stonecutter 2

    Two Boats at the Quay

    Two Brothers and Grandma

    Unloading the Boat

    Village Market

    Washer Woman

    Watering the Horses